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The Old Marco Inn
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Marco Island- Olde Marco Island Inn

The Jist- This history of this inn dates back to before Florida was a state and before the settlers were in America. The Marco Island Inn and surrounding city sit on Calusa Indian grounds. In 1883 Captain Bill Collier built the inn and created the now historic landmark. The inn originally had 20 guest rooms and a two story outhouse, that Ripley reported in his “Believe it or Not”. In 1896 there was a Smithsonian Institute expedition to Marco Island and only a few yards from the inn is where the famous Marco Cat and several other ceremonial masks and artifacts were found.

Obviously this place comes along with a long history line of very unique things. Now, there have been several reports of this place being haunted. HGC cannot claim for sure whether it is haunted or not. However, we do suggest that if you are near Marco Island stay in the inn and see for yourself if any ghosts have taken up permanent residence!
Directions- 100 Palm Street, Marco Island, Florida 34145

Tours- Currently no ghost tours are available. Let us know if you would be interested in one! 239-394-3131

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Re: The Old Marco Inn
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Sounds interesting.  let me know when you get more.
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